TWINSTAR is a technology company specialized in aquarium products, based in South Korea, dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and design. Our mission is to establish a sustainable and influential presence in the aquaristic technology market through innovative ideas, premium design, and advanced technology.


Quality, Design and Harmony

With a focus on excellence, TWINSTAR has earned a steadfast place in the hearts and living rooms of aquarium enthusiasts worldwide. The product range goes beyond LED lamps, encompassing sterilizers designed to inhibit algae, promote plant growth and prevent fish diseases. Solutions effectively address various algae types, including hair/thread algae, brown algae, blue/green algae, fuzz algae, green dust algae, and green spot algae. TWINSTAR is synonymous with quality and reliability in the aquaristic community.

Twinstar EU is a wholesale company in the aquarium industry and is official distributor for TWINSTAR brand in Europe. Stay connected with us by joining our social media community. Stay ahead of the curve with our newest product releases, delve into behind-the-scenes stories about our team, and become an integral part of our vibrant aquarium community.