Waterproof lighting. Give a new life to your aquarium.
Waterproof Light. Best colours.
Vivid and natural colours as you never experienced before.
Twinstar G Line mounting t5 and t8
T5 and t8 adapTER.
G Line Adjustable system
Adjustable fitting.
Aquarium Twinstar light G Line over plants
suitable for plant growth
Twinstar Light Led matrix
Advanced Leds. 380-780nm.
Twinstar Controller
Controller included.


ModelBrightness (lm)Power consumption (W)Product sizeRange
80G126822475 mm / 18.700 in46 mm / 1.811 in15 mm / 0.590 in484 mm / 19.055 in805 mm / 31.693 in
100G197232780 mm / 30.708 in46 mm / 1.811 in15 mm / 0.590 in789 mm / 31.062 in1110 mm / 43.700 in
120G267742930 mm / 36.614 in46 mm / 1.811 in15 mm / 0.590 in939 mm / 36.968 in1260 mm / 49.606 in
150GComing Soon

Twinstar dimmer included.

Exclusive Twinstar Spectrum

Experience the sublime blend of technology and aesthetics with the new titanium body, enabling versatile two-way installation.
Unique spectrum range of our Orange LED from 380-780 nm. After over three years of rigorous development, this unrivaled worldwide technology embeds every wavelength involved in plant growth and those enhancing vivid colors have been at the same time improved